Insolvency petition to NCLT by a Homebuyer

An application filed by the homebuyers under section 7 of IBC shall be maintainable. Therefore the homebuyers are advised to approach NCLT under IBC to recover their stuck money in a time-bound manner.

Does States have the power to dilute the RERA Act

The RERA laws explicitly says that the appropriate government shall only make rules for the smooth functioning of the act and it does not say anything about States powers to dilute the Central law.

Builder stands in violation of MahaRERA’s order of refund

The RERA authority of Maharashtra ordered a builder to refund an amount of Rs. 1.8 Crore to a homebuyer because after the passage of two years the builder failed to register agreement to sale and had already charged 30% of the price.

Penalty of Rs 1.5 Lakh slabbed on builder for failure to register sale agreement

MAHARERA keeping up with the spirit of the Act recently has passed an order asking the builder to pay a sum of Rs.1.5 Lakh as penalty to the RERA authority for not registering the sale agreement.

RERA Orders remain on Paper

The authorities of most of the states have passed numerous orders but none of them have been executed in reality. The orders remain on paper and developer/ promoters have not complied the order.

Bombay High Court: Deposit 50% of the refund amount to hear the case

The high court upheld the decision of the Appellate tribunal by directing the builder to deposit the 50% of the refund amount as ordered by the authority in order to hear the plea.