Does home buyers needs the speedy procedure for the execution of the RERA orders?

If there is any breach in the terms and conditions of the builder-buyer agreement or delay in possession of the property then a home-buyer can directly approach to the RERA Authority to avail the legal recourse.

Can builder transfer the project to the third party?

As per RERA Law the promoter shall not transfer the project to the third party without obtaining the prior written consent from two-third of the allottees and prior written approval from the concerned RERA Authority.

What if builder does not have occupation certificate for the project?

There are such no. of cases wherein Builder does not have OC but they are offering the possession to the Home-buyers; even knowing the fact that this is an illegal act.

HRERA Gurugram implements regulation for earnest money

A welcome move by the HRERA authority as it creates a balance between both the parties and is justifies for the aggrieved buyers who had to in worst case of scenario had to give up their full earnest money.