Gemini’s bankruptcy petition stands rejected before NCLT

The National Company Law Tribunal has dismissed an insolvency application filed by Gemini Innovations, raising doubts over the “unnatural” facts listed by the company in its filing

Insolvency Resolution by Operational Creditor (Section 8)

An operational creditor as defined under s 5(20) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code as a person to whom an operational debt is owed and includes any person to whom such debt has been legally assigned or transferred

RERA-Registration of Ongoing projects in rural areas

In the rural area of Rajasthan (Jaipur), more than 50 projects are going on, out of which only 5 projects have registered themselves under RERA and rest are unregistered projects which are going on.

Importance of Invoice/GR number in recovery of debt

You have a statutory right to claim interest and compensation on late commercial payments. But are you still not being served the payment that your invoice states very clearly?