Government warns manufacturers, new MRP stickers if not imposed

If the new MRP sticker is not imposed after the GST is applied on the surviving old goods, then a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh including a jail sentence can be fined. The manufacturers of this warning. In relation to writing the revised MRP on the old stock, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has issued new rules. The Ministry said that the merchandise prepared before July 1 will have to be a modified MRP.

The government has given companies up to 30 September to clear the old stock. The companies have been told that they can replace the revised MRP stickers with the old price on the remaining goods. This will enable customers to know about the price changes after GST. Following these rules, the penalty for first time will be Rs 25,000, second time 50,000 rupees and for the third time, one lakh rupees will be imposed. Apart from this, jail can also be for one year.

Ministry has created a committee to solve the grievances of consumers. In addition, the number of helpline has been increased from 14 to 60. Initial constraints are being made to implement GST. They will be resolved soon. More than 700 questions have been received through the Consumer Helpline and the Ministry has asked the finance department to seek the help of experts for its resolution.

Some big companies had said that printing and stamping apart from the MRP written on the packet is illegal, and it is going to be like any nightmare for them because they have a lot of goods. After this, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has issued this warning on Friday.

We do not want Inspector Raj, but whatever is legally correct, they will have to be considered (manufacturers). Companies will not distribute complete bags at a time. They can put a new price tag on some of their batch that is why we have given them time till September 30 to remove the old stock. No one will be allowed to sell goods with two MRP before the GST packed. The industry should understand that we have issued these guidelines for the benefit of the customers. They will have to tell the customers how much they are giving more or less.

Officials said that companies are taking advantage of input tax credits inside GST. This has reduced their manufacturing costs and that is why they have to give the benefit to the customers as well.

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