Integration of ‘Khan-Pan’ will not work in the Restaurants

Under the guise of a new tax regime, you can screw up overcharging and bribery rigging on the part of the racers. At both the center and the state levels, the officials are formulating a strategy to deal with the complaints of leveraging the benefit of the conference-related Confucian. Delhi SGST and VAT officials say that in many restaurants serving alcohol, charging 20% instead of 18% fixed GST and selling aired drinks separately has received complaints of charging a rate of up to 40%. Many restaurants are charging more than GST as well as referring to compliance of VAT and excise cost. The department will soon issue a public notice and action against such hotels and restaurants will also be taken.

Some people are misleading customers under the guise of multiple tax rates. There will be strict action against them. The official said that due to the absence of liquor from the GST, licensors serving the liqueurs must continue compliance with GST as well as VAT and State Excise. Restaurants are considered to be service and those 18 percent GST (9% CGST + 9% SGST) is fixed on those (AC). He said, ‘If your restaurant bill 2000 rupees, which includes liquor of 600 rupees, then restaurants will have to make two bills. Even if a single bill is paid, restaurants will have to show 18% on food and 20% on alcohol. However, in the case of cold drinks and other air conditioned beverages, the customer has been given more relief. If a restaurant serves food grains with food, it will charge only 18% of GST on the total amount, and not 40% of GST on these products.

On the other hand, restaurant owners say that the multiple taxes has been included implementing a GST rate, but excise license for them, VAT and will continue Compliance three departments as the GST. This will not reduce their expenditure. who runs the restaurant in Karol Bagh, soft drinks and the purchase of other beverages we are giving access, no longer find their credit. Similarly, many new expenses have increased. Where we will fill ‘Many restaurants are charging extra money in the name of packaging and delivery charges.

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