More than 1 lakh jobs will be created immediately from GST

With the introduction of GST, where there is talk of being easy for businessmen on one hand, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the job market. Experts say that with the introduction of GST, opportunities for one lakh new jobs will be created in recent times. These jobs will be created in specialized specialties especially in taxation, accounting and data analysis. The historical tax system will be implemented from July 1 throughout the country. Experts believe that after the GST is implemented, there will be an annual growth of 10 to 13 per cent in organized sector job market and the demand for the professionals in many sectors of the economy will be increased.

President of Indian Staffing Federation said that the purchase and distribution of products from GST will be easy. It will be possible to estimate the cash flow and also benefit the traders and customers. ‘This system will increase transparency. However, it does not seem very attractive for people in the unorganized sector. But, due to this, the country’s economy will move towards strengthening. The expect that after the GST is implemented, the creation of new jobs in the organized sector will increase by 10 to 13 percent.

According to estimation, more than 1 lakh jobs will be released immediately from GST. After GST is implemented, 50 to 60 thousand new jobs are likely to create opportunities in the first quarter. The small and medium companies can increase outsourcing through third party. Especially in the work of management and upgradation of GST, employment opportunities are expected to generate large scale jobs.

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