Offer rains before Implementation of GST, cell market in Big Bazaar since July 1

There are only two days left to implement GST. In this way, across the country from Big Bazaar to Amazon, all retailers are busy living out of their own stock. Here, customers are also considering it as a golden opportunity to fulfill the hobby as it is full of offers everywhere. For instance, Future Group’s Big Bazaar is going to launch cell with a discount of up to 22 percent from midnight on June 30.

While online marketplace Flipkart has started the cell since midnight on Wednesday. Here, Flipkart’s competitive company Amazon is also offering discounts of 40 to 50% on consumer electronics and home appliances. However, Amazon says that this is not a pre-offer offer before GST.

Who buys a new TV in a pre-GST cell, says, “If you get a TV of Rs 1 lakh in less than 60 thousand rupees then you can stop yourself and it is also your friends. Chief Marketing Officer of Infinity Retail, said, “Most of the retailers of Consumer Electronics and Durebals are free to vacate the stock. More than six months because they will not be able to get the full benefit after GST. ”

Retailers are also getting tremendous discount on clothes, footwear and accessories. Mobile Volt Company, Patti, has also recently launched the online store Petty M Mall and traffic has increased three times on this platform in a month. Amit Sinha, COO of PetiM Mall, said, “We are trying to help the retailers to clear their inventory under pre-GST cell.”

However, most of the GST sales are going to end on June 30, but Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani told the Times of India that July 1 is just the beginning. He said, “GST prices are going to come down to reduce the prices of many items of everyday needs including toothpaste. But FMCG companies are not ready to change their minds and they say they will adopt a weight and watch policy. Our offers are a try, forcing them to reduce prices (FMCG companies) after July 1. ‘

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