How to file RERA Complaints


Before knowing “How to file RERA complaint or complaint before RERA against builder, or complaint before State RERA, we need to understand the brief of RERA laws, its purpose and other points. Let’s find them below:

What is RERA?

RERA, is a set of laws, regulations and authority by the Government to ensure (i) accountability, (ii) sustainability, (iii) grievance redressal, specifically for real estate industry. Its implementation is providing a big relief and sense of security to the buyers.

The Real Estate (Regulations and Development) Act, 2016 was commenced from 01/05/2017 which require every State to

  1. Make RERA Rules for the respective State to ensure implementation of RERA Act
  2. Setup RERA (Real Estate Regulatory authority), for registration and grievance Redressal in the state
  3. Setup RERA Tribunal for grievance redressal for respective State.

RERA is State wise

As mentioned earlier, Every State would have its own RERA Rules, RERA authority for proper implementation of the RERA Act. So far, i.e. 08.11.2017, around 25 State have notified RERA Rules and setup RERA authority. Most of the State have setup RERA office in the capital of respective State. However, some of them is also exploring to setup in other part of State.

Kind of RERA complaint before RERA

Although it shall be depending upon RERA authority to accept or reject any kind of complaint or grievance, however, following are some of the common complaints which are covered under RERA

  1. Non- RERA registration of project or dealer
  2. Delay in RERA registration
  3. Delay in project completion
  4. Delay in possession of the Property
  5. Harassment by the builder for refund or un-necessary demand
  6. False promises by the Builder
  7. Fraud to sale a property to multiple buyers
  8. Non-payment of interest and penalty
  9. Bad quality of the building material,
  10. Profile funding etc.

How to file Complaint before RERA

RERA Act has prescribed specific provision for compliant or grievance redressal by the State RERA Authority. Every State has provided different form and manner to file RERA complaint. Some of the State has imposed some fees for filing complaint while other have not.

  1. States like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh etc. which have launched online portal are accepting complaints through their portal
  2. States like Haryana, Delhi, Uttrakhand etc. where portal is yet to start are accepting off-line or physical forms for complaints

Documents and details required for filing RERA Complaint

For filing RERA complaint and redressal of the complaint, the following information’s are generally required.

  1. Name, address
  2. Fact of the case
  3. Solutions you are looking for
  4. Details about the builders, address, division and other
  5. Other details as required

How we help in complaint filing and redressal

RERA consulting team of Centrik is very versatile and experienced. We have in-depth and practical experience in dealing various issues and RERA litigation before different RERA authority. To name, some consultancy, are as under:

  1. RERA registration for project and agents
  2. RERA Complaint filing & redressal
  3. RERA Compliance
  4. RERA advisory
  5. Appearance before RERA Authority
  6. And other advisory

For more details and advisory, please mail us at or call us at 8383011629


Note – Please note that the above article is for education purpose only. This is based on our interpretation of laws which may differ person to person. Readers are expected to verify the facts and laws.


  1. After filing complain for compensation the RERA authority not follows the binding law and enforces unethical practice by non filing facts in ROZNAMA, in the presence of single party on hearings repeatedly, and instead to passed any offensive order enforced the complainer to withdraw on verbal instruction without issue any authenticate order, and put the issue through R.T.I and higher authority too. Non of the responsible Coram resolve the issue and not comply the R.T.I quarry after long due.
    What the next effective step to follow for a comman man?

  2. I had booked a flat in AGRANI HOMES PVT LTD in the year 2014 but i could not be able to posses it due to fund .i had paid some booking amount . But they are not refunding my Rs151000(1.51lacs) since 10.03.2014 and harassing me.The amount was tockend for IOB NAGAR, J block G1(SARARI) patna (Bihar)Danapur patna Bihar.kindly help.

  3. I got possession of my flat in last month,bt the walls are getting cracks and common toilet in appartment hasn’t been cleaned, Terres floor is having dirty colour . electric switches, drinking water tank is full of mud. How should i complaint and get my value

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