Requirement for maintaining additional CRR

Reviewing the current liquidity conditions after the withdrawal of legal tender status of ₹ 500/- and ₹ 1000/- denominations of bank notes issued by the Reserve Bank of India till November 8, 2016 (SBN), RBI has decided to issue a directive under section 42(1A) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 requiring all Scheduled Commercial Banks/ Regional Rural Banks / all Scheduled Primary (Urban) Co-operative Banks / all Scheduled State Co-operative Banks to maintain with the Reserve Bank of India, effective from the fortnight beginning November 26, 2016 an incremental CRR of 100 per cent on the increase in NDTL between September 16, 2016 and November 11, 2016. The incremental CRR is a temporary measure and it shall be reviewed on December 9, 2016 or even earlier.

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